Jack McCandless



Jack doesn’t exactly have a commanding presence. (in fact, his clan and clan specialty pretty much ensure that he isn’t noticed unless he desires it) He’s tall without being imposing, gangly built, and perpetually in jackets and leather driving gloves. He favors dark jeans and boots of all kinds. Shirts are variable, but he likes henleys and v-necks. He owns a black Volkswagen Bus that he calls Black Bolt. He has modified the floor in the back to be a cache for all the sundry and weapons that have been collected to be stored within it. With tinted windows, he could use the Black Bolt to sleep during the day in a pinch (assuming he parks in a secure location.) His goal is to eventually make the windows bullet proof and for the bus to be armored, overall.

He carries:
A Trench Knife
A .38 special
And a cell phone with a headset, (He has a propensity for splurging on shoes and cell phones, in particular)


A native Louisianian (New Orleans, specifically) and newly minted vampire, still reeling from his abrupt slip from living to living dead. He and his friends were turned against their will as a part of an experiment. He has a tenuous relationship with their Prince (Augusto Vidal), but he knows how to follow the Prince’s rules. In fact, in life, he had his own code of ethics that he made it a point to follow no matter what:

1) Never steal someone’s last dollar
2) Never steal from someone who doesn’t deserve it
3) Never, never give someone bad directions

He has managed, so far, to hold onto his humanity and his tendency toward ethics has carried over into his new life. He tries very hard not to kill when he feeds and he tries to feed only in designated areas like “The Rack” (A place of general debauchery and what not in the French Quarter) and only tries to kill people who try to kill him, first. He hopes, among his friends, that he has gained a reputation of loyalty and reliability.

Jack’s sire is named Marnie and he’s pretty sure she is in torpor somewhere at the behest of the Prince as punishment for her involvement in this scheme.

He thinks (privately) that their Prince is a dangerous zealot.
He thinks (privately) that the Seneschal (Maldanado) is a creepy dick.
He thinks (Antoine) Savoy is less of a snake than Vidal, but he also is sure that he’ll prove to be just as dangerous.
He thinks that Father John Morrow has been helpful and reliable, but he doesn’t know how much to trust him, yet.
He thinks that the Sheriff (Alexander) is terse but pretty likable and trusts him as much as he trusts his new friends.
He has not yet met the Harpy nor does he know their name.

He has not yet chosen a Covenant.

Driving is a big thing to Jack. He’s an extremely talented driver at stunt level proficiency.
He worked as a delivery man in his human life and presumably as a driver-for-hire. He has eidetic memory, which guarantees that he can navigate through his city with ease (always finding the quickest route or easiest route; whichever is applicable), recall instructions, remember the smallest details about just about everyone, and generally can obsessively catalog information; able to recite it whenever prompted. Definitely a highly useful skill to suit the new demands on his existence/society. He has a keen sense of direction which makes it almost impossible for him to be lost. He’s exceptionally streetwise which could aid in information gathering and infiltrating.

He even has two police connections:
1) A Beat Cop on the night shift named Michael Rample that he met in his human life
2) A fellow Mekhet who is a homicide detective named Peter Lebeau

He has used money gained through various means and connections to start a small delivery service that exclusively makes night-deliveries for local private citizens and local businesses, alike (Midnight Coterie of Sinister Delivery) and he obviously only employs vampires with the express instruction to not feed on customers or break the masquerade. He was essentially homeless after losing the job he had in his human life, but he now has a dwelling ( a small basement flat) in the bottom of the building that he uses as his business.

Jack McCandless

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